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Advance Your Shopify Game With Unexpected Shopify App Ideas 2024

More than one million businesses currently use Shopify and share 11% of the eCommerce market. Now, a thought arises in everyone’s mind that it is a great opportunity to grow in this segment. But remember that developing a Shopify app and selling on the app store are two different concepts. You for sure may be a good developer but this doesn’t have anything with the merchants buying it. What you need to do is to look for Shopify App Ideas, and create something that can capture the attention or satisfy the needs of the merchant by filling up the gap without any issues. 

Shopify can give you the ground to play with tens of thousands of plugins to elevate the eCommerce experience of their clients. Now, you are worried about the thing that how seamless Shopify App Ideas 2024 can come to your mind. No need to as we (Shopify Experts India) always have your back. 

Take a deep dive till the last line to get an idea about all such new Shopify App ideas to build something that can probably change the entire life of Shopify Merchants. 

Criteria to Have Ideal Shopify App Ideas

Some of the main criteria for Shopify app development that you should check before going ahead with hiring a Shopify development company are:


  • Search Volume

Analyze or deeply inspect user interest by leveraging keyword research tools and exploring other alternative methods. 

  • Technically Simple

Try to begin development with technical simplicity or easiness so start with building an MVP and designing by keeping the point of scalability in mind. 

  • Low Competition

Stand out by putting forward some innovation by focusing on niche markets and differentiating from solutions that already exist. 

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

Pay attention to the app’s value proposition, consider the monetization model, and ensure transparent and clear-cut communication for user adoption. 


Shopify App Ideas 2024 Worth to Set Up a Successful Business


The following is our list consisting of Shopify App Ideas that can easily make you walk towards the aim of building an established business. 

Some of the highlighted ideas here are quite new and have the potential to take you to new heights of success whereas some are old but certainly effective. 

The choice always remains to be in your hands, so make your choice but only after reading all these Shopify App Ideas. 

  • Promotional Offers App

Indeed, a fixed number of apps for promotional offers in terms of Shopify businesses exist but they have few options when you compare it with a platform like WordPress. 

Whether Shopify users want to promote a user code, discount, or offer they witness that they have a lack of customization options. Thus, there seems a gap that demands an app give the upper hand to customize the offer as per the needs of the customers. All in all, it is all about providing clients with better customization options so they can carry on with their business without facing any drawbacks of any kind. 

  • Content Writing App

Indubitably, this is one of the very promising Shopify App ideas for beginners. This is because most of the eCommerce Shopify start-ups don’t have enough budget to hire a professional content writer. This seems as the major reason that they don’t have compelling or attractive pieces of content on their landing pages or websites. But, there is a sure-shot solution exists for the same i.e., by building a content solution app. 

All the new Shopify app ideas have the scope of creating some content writing apps. Some of them are AI-based (eg, AI product description writer), and some other human-written content at the minimum prices (eg, Product description writing by HotShp). But remember that these apps are in the early phase so using such apps will provide you with a wide opportunity to excel. 

  • Image Customization App

Images are the best possible way to portray what you are offering and it is the one thing that can easily make your business compelling and engaging. Whenever a customer visits an eCommerce store, they first look at the pictures present there. The essence of this is to leave an impeccable impact on the buying behavior of the customer. 

Thus, for this, go ahead to merge Shopify eCommerce Store development with Shopify App Ideas to fulfill your wish of creating a unique picture of your brand with image colorization, editing, and enthralling visual designing. It can prove to be your one-stop solution to settle down all the need for image customization needs. 

  • App for Digital Products 

Most merchants nowadays have to sell their products online because of the emergence of the digital age and for this, they need Shopify apps for 

Anything can come up in the category of digital products as it can be music videos, games, courses, etc. A merchant selling these products needs to showcase their vision of selling through various approaches. These can be letting them watch a video online or offering online files. 

It all can be done by this digital products app which comes under Shopify App Ideas. A sample feature of a product can prove to be a great idea for people who are looking forward to selling products or just want to present a teaser of something big coming up. 

  • Locally targetted Apps

Let’s take a look now at another new concept of Shopify App ideas i.e., Locally targeted apps. It has a deep impact nowadays. To understand this, continue reading. 

Sometimes the app that you have created doesn’t support the needs of a specific country or a place or a region, signify that you can make an app for your local Shopify Merchants. Try to clear this like if there is a Shopify merchant present who wants to represent their website in the native language but can’t have access to an app that can do this. So, what you can do is to prepare an app to sort out this issue. 

It can be an issue with some of the payment, shipping, and tax or accounting-related apps as it can be seen as not compatible with your country’s standards. It will restrict the business owners restricted with such hindrances. 

So, it is a great way to evacuate those Shopify merchants by creating one such app. Nobody outside or a big player can understand what your native merchant is facing or going through so you can create an app and acquire the chance to flourish in the local market. The other possibility besides this is that you can talk with them and form up a plugin for the same. This tactic will let you call up more customers towards yourself and it can become your distinguishing factor as well. 

Ending Words!

This is the end of the Shopify App Ideas that can let you set up an established business with no hassle. You can go with any of the ideas mentioned above that you find suitable or you think have the capability of the same. Furthermore, if you have anything like Shopify App Ideas 2024 in mind, go forward to assist all the Shopify merchants out there. 

No matter what you are, whether a Shopify merchant or a Shopify App Developer, if you have something in mind, feel free to reach out to Shopify Experts India to discuss it. We have experts who can definitely help you in turning your creative idea into something big in reality. 


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I promote my Shopify App after choosing and developing an app based on an idea from this list of Shopify App Ideas?

Promoting your app in the existing Shopify community is easy and if you think you don’t know about it, take a look at the pointers for the same given below:

  • Making a freemium app
  • Building a user-friendly app
  • Taking merchant feedback into consideration
  • Try to do Word-of-mouth marketing
  • To improve or refine your app listing


How Much do I need to Spend to move further with Shopify App Development?

There is no fixed amount as such specified to go with Shopify App Development. The amount for setting up an online eCommerce store varies from business to business and niche to niche. However, the estimated amount for the same will fall around $2000 to $3000. 


What are the ways to find your next Shopify App Ideas?

To discover new opportunities or new Shopify App Ideas 2024, here is a list of four ways are given:

  • Always pay attention to the API announcements
  • Follow or cover all the bad reviews
  • Identify new merchants’ verticals as soon as possible
  • Look forward to solving the problem for one merchant only, scaling it to many.